Saturday, November 22, 2014

BOM ~ Vice Versa Quilt

Nothing like taking my time on putting this one together!  I cannot believe that it has been nearly a year since I started my first Block-of-the-Month.   Anne Marie Chany of Gen X Quilter put together an exciting and beautiful BOM Club and I hate to see it end!  

Every month there were 2 blocks to make.  Vice Versa ~ opposites.  When I started this project I knew I wanted to use hand dyed fabric.  The beautiful aqua blue background is a Bella Cotton.  Picking the fabrics was the hardest part and I certain was on the fence about the colors at first.  After a few blocks it grew on me!

Last week I decided it was high time to assemble the quilt top.  Nearly ever fiber in me was screaming to finish this differently from the pattern.  You know ~ just to be different. Not just that though.  I have never ever made a square quilt.  For some reason they make me uncomfortable.  I've come to the conclusion it's because in my mind I am not 'square'...I'm 'rectangle'!  I know!!!  How crazy is that?!  

In the end I decided since this was my year of firsts, I was going square!  Follow the directions.  Play along!

As I was sitting sewing last night, I looked over at this quilt draped over the rail.  I was struck by the crispness of the rich, dark hand dyed fabrics against the background.  I think that was the point (finally) that I knew I picked the right combination of colors.  How about that?  It only took a year! 

I still have to baste and quilt it.  I haven't decided on the quilting design yet, but I know it will come to me.  Eventually.  First I need to decide on the backing fabric.  I believe I will dye some fabric for that.  So, I had better hop to it!

This quilt will end up 57" x 57" and they are 9" blocks.  

So, have you done a BOM?  
Do you love them?

I would love to do another one, so if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear from you!


  1. I did not know this was the pattern for this quilt. I really love it! I'm sure you would have come up with an incredible alternate layout too, but I am just in love with this one.

  2. Your top turned out great! The colors really are yummy and it has been fun seeing it come together this year. I haven't found a BOM for next year either. But I did pick up the Park Bench kit so I just might have one of my own.

  3. I don't like them (samplers or BOM's), but I love yours! If you had said orange, aqua, & raspberry I would have thought that it would work - but it does, it so does!

  4. It may have taken a year, but it also looks like a lot of work and thought went into it. You have such a great way with colours and the 45° layout is so perfect!

  5. This came out beautifully! I'm happy to see them back on your blog, as it's because of this project that I first found you!

    As for a new BOM, I really like the Sugar Block Club from Stitchery Dickery Dock.


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