Friday, November 7, 2014

I realized it was that time of the year that I should get some things in my Etsy shops re-stocked.  Just to round them out, freshen up and fill them up!

Yes, I do have two shops.  Last year I decided I should split my main shop and keep it cohesive.  It got to the point where I had so much...crap...stuff that all my proudest and best things were getting lost.  It was also a time to revamp pictures, descriptions and well, basically everything!  

I love to make other things besides quilts, but they were out of place in my #1 shop.  One of the things in my Twiggy & Opal Too shop are these crochet roll-ups.  Such a simple and useful little item.  

As I was rummaging through my sewing closet, I found a stack of fabric cut out, interfaced and waiting to be assembled!  Saved me a ton of time!  This was one of those times where I decided it was time to 'get rid' of some fabric that I knew I may never use.

A pile of destashing results.

Fabulous variety of color!

Neatly stacked and ready to list!

I am having a serious debate with myself right now.  I'm not sure I want to keep two shops. Then again, what would I do with all the things I 'have' to make??!


  1. Now they are so cute! Don't you just love the feeling of destashing? I do not know the first thing about Etsy-so I am no help-sorry!

  2. I checked out your etsy stores and I love them both. I would keep them as two separate shops. Both are very cohesive and I think you might lose some of that if you combine them.

  3. How cool that you had a bunch of them ready. Danielle loves the one she has. I can't advise you on the two shop thing. Maybe if you kept "the good stuff" as featured? xxoo


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