Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gifts For The Family!

Busy time of the year, right?!  It happens every holiday.  Same time every year.  Sneaky, sneaky holidays ready to bite you in the butt!  I usually don't make many gifts for the holidays, just enough to put me in a slight panic!

Yesterday while sitting around wondering what I should do, I decided I wanted to make a Mini Quilt for my Mom.  Something sweet and pretty.  She lives in Minnesota and can't get around very well.  Damn age (that sneaks up on you too)!  I thought a 'little pretty' with color for those cold winter days was in order.  Plus, she would think of me and how much I love her every time she sees it!!  Win, Win! 

Last year I received a gift from my daughter Britt's best friend since kindergarten, Anne.  I blogged about it here:  A Sweet Surprise.  What better than a heart full of color and love?!

16" x 16"
I used all hand dyed fabrics, including the gray linen border.  I love the variations of color. Love the straight line quilting.  This is a quick project to make.  I think it may have taken me a couple hours.

The formula is simple.  Decide on fabric for the heart, and fabric for the background.  

20 ~ 2 1/2" squares for the heart
10 ~ HST's half background, half heart fabric
6 ~ 2 1/2" squares background fabric        

2 1/2" border strips

I'm pretty sure she will love it.  If nothing else it will make a wonderful LARGE mug rug!

This is the one Anne made for me!
Last minute gift ideas and gift giving runs in our family.  My husband is the same way. Last year a couple of weeks before Christmas he blurts out that he wished he had thought about it earlier to have me make place mats for his Mom & Step Dad.  It just was not going to happen at that time!  This year I surprised him and made a set!  Yep!  I'm thinking ahead this time!

12" x 18"
Paper pieced Hummingbird blocks (AKA Periwinkle Star).  I used this tutorial from Rita at Red Pepper Quilts.  I was so happy to have found this tutorial!  

I enlarged the pattern so the blocks would be large enough to make place mats and not have to add a border.  

I love how these seams meet!  So very cool to me!  I'm pretty easily amused, I suppose! 

It's time to get back to quilting!  I have a twin size HST quilt and my Vice Versa BOM waiting in line.  

I have another project that needs to be quilted, but I can't share it yet!  It's a Secret Santa gift for a Music City Modern Quilt Guild member.  I would hate to ruin the surprise if she should see a blog post before!  But I cannot wait to share it!  And make another something, something like it!

How is your holiday gift making coming along?  Are you ahead of the game, behind the eight ball or right on target?



  1. I know how you feel. I've been trying to make small gifts for stockings. I think I have 13 stockings to fill! I'm a wee bit crazy.....
    Love that heart ; )

  2. Wonderful projects, I am sure she will love the cute little heart quilty.

  3. I completely feel you! I totally thought I could knock out all handmade gifts this year. Yeah... that's probably not going to happen. :(
    Your pieces look fabulous!

  4. The heart mini quilt is delightful and I hope your mom loves it! The placemats are great, too, and I love that you are getting your work done early. I do not really plan to make holiday gifts (yet)... so far so good for me, then! ;)

  5. Your mom is going to love this mini, Jayne. Love the hand dyed fabrics. This project really shows off their beauty! And those place mats are gorgeous. You are well on your way to having a handmade Christmas!

  6. The heart mini quilt is adorable. There's no better way to express your love for your mom than with a heart and made by you. She will love it! The placemats are so cute. If our mother-in-law doesn't love them she is totally crazy. I'm not sewing much this Christmas as I am totally lacking for ideas. I may find inspiration later. I need to put something together for our hospital auxiliary Christmas bazaar this week but it will have to be quick and easy. Wish me luck. Great work as usual! Nadine rnwillis@velotech.net


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