Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Color Block Placemats

Back in September I was in Chattanooga at the AQS Quilt Show.  It was a wonderful experience and my first time attending a quilt show.  Plus, I got to spend a few days with my daughter.  One of our 'gotta do's' was visit Spool.  It's a really fabulous shop and Maddie (the owner) was a delight to meet!  Super friendly environment. 

Spool ~ Chattanooga
One of my purchases was Pepper Cory's Peppered Cotton fabric.  As soon as I saw the colors, I knew I had to have some!  Gorgeous!  The weight of this fabric surprised me. Very sturdy, rich, soft and touchable.  This fabric is considered a shot cotton ~ the warp and weft are different colors. 
25 Gorgeous Colors
I'm never sure what I will make when I buy fabric.  It may sit for a while on a little shelf until an idea hits me.  One day it did.  I wanted to make some placemats with a modern design. After playing with ideas and making a practice piece, I settled on this design.  A very simple design using rectangles.

Color Block Placemat
The peppered cotton colors are Fuchsia, Aubergine, Morning Glory and Blue Jay. Beautiful together!  

I decided grays would be best bet to highlight the Jewel Tones.  Each peppered cotton has its own gray ~ Kona Shadow, Iron, Medium Gray and Pewter.  

13 1/2" x 17 1/2"

I actually free-motion quilted the center!  Little projects + FMQ = I can handle that!!  



  1. Well theses are so... what I like. Love the look, the colors and the fabrics!!!!

  2. Jayne, your placemats are awesome! Great colors, great quilting. Do you have a turtorial?

  3. The mats are beautiful. When I first saw your fabric, I thought that it was wool! :)
    Off to read about your incontinent iron, lol!

  4. Christmas gifts! you have shown me the way! I know what to make for the workplace gift exchange! Thank you for sharing placemats!

  5. These are cute! I like how you photographed them ; )

  6. Great use of the bright peppered cottons. I saw them on sale online and wondered how the colors would look with grey. Brilliant.

  7. Those are fabulous. Love the pops of color and the variation on the gray.

  8. As always, crisp and colorful. Your eye for color, I think, is growing. You are doing great! So happy to see that! xxoo

  9. I love how these placemats came out, they're so you!! Bautiful =) I love shot cottons so much and should stack up on them!


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