Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stripes & More Stripes!

Here it is December already!  Which brings a flurry of excitement and anticipation.  I can remember when I was a kid, waiting for birthdays, summertime and Christmas seemed to take forever to get here.  Now as an adult it seems like a blink of the eye!  

I decided I needed to work through some of my Kaffe Fasset Woven Stripes.  They have always been very popular in my Etsy shop.  Quilts, baby blankets or pot holders.  I think it has something to do with the warmth of the colors.  Rich and warm.  Plus, having 'gender neutral' items never hurts.  

First on my list is a twin quilt.  I can see this strewn across a couch, with a fire burning bright and the snow gently falling outside!

The background fabric is Kona Raffia.  I have used this neutral since the beginning of time (a few years anyway) and works well with the different stripe colors.  Right now its on hold. Hanging on my wall.  The front is finished, but I'm waiting for the backing fabric to arrive. Hurry up and get here!! 

While waiting, I moved on to baby blankets.  After making the above quilt the first time, I wanted to try the design in a baby blanket.  I wanted to create an updated modern version of a receiving blanket, something beautiful that could become an heirloom - almost a quilt but not quite!  

This is a standard design I have done over and over again.

But I like to throw together a random design occasionally!

I love flannel!  Cozy, snuggly and warm!

You would think I would be done with the stripes, right?!  Oh no...not me!  As I was making all these pieces, I wondered what the stripes would look like as feathers.  Yep! Feathers.

I used the free pattern from Anna Maria Horner ~ Feathers Bed Quilt.  If you have ever wanted to make feathers, this is a great pattern.  I wanted to make each feather different, so I meticulously pieced strips together.    

I haven't any idea what I will make these in to.  Maybe pillows?  But I love the stripe feathers!

Okay, enough with the stripes!  I bought yards and yards of these woven stripes and I'm slowly getting to the end of the bucket!  Yay!  I'm looking forward to getting some current stripes in all the beautiful colors!



  1. I love your striped feathers as well! Thanks for sharing the link on them - I've been dying to make some feathers....(love your stripe quilts, too!)

  2. You are so right... Those stripes look great against the Rafia. You are doing so well with your Etsy shop, girlfriend. Keep up the great work!

  3. Your feathers look fabulous!! I'd be trying to figure out how to make them into a quilt . . . lots of negative space :) I have that pattern, I don't think I would want to make many more! LOL

    Your quilts are wonderful! I love anything Kaffe :D

  4. These are all lovely, but those feathers steal the show for me! They remind me of iridescent wild turkey feathers!

  5. The feathers look great in those fabrics. Love the strip quilts too

  6. I love the Fassett stripes too - they seem to work whatever you do with them. Your little quilts are amongst the nicest baby things I've seen and the feathers are amazing - can't wait to see where you go with them.

  7. Great combination of fabrics and design. Love the simplicity of the stripes and I've still got feathers on my to try list.

  8. I could see the feathers being done in pinks and grays, for a special little girl.

  9. I have always wanted to work with those stripes, but for one reason and another, I never have. They are so gorgeous! And I have to say I think the feathers you have done are brilliant. I really want to try to make some now! Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  10. Lovely striped feathers. Thanks for the tip about the tutorial.

  11. I love those Kaffe stripes and what you've made with them! I've also made feathers from striped fabric, so great minds MUST think alike!! Visiting from anything goes :)


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